1. emily bennette

    These are some really amazing tips about how to protect your home. I liked your tip on installing motion lights. It might be a good idea to have an alarm system installed. That way, you can have more peace of mind.

  2. Hannah

    I totally agree that this is an amazing blog, helping home owners in protecting their homes especially during vacations.

  3. James Bergman

    I agree that you should move any hidden keys by your door. Perhaps if you have a place in the yard nobody would look, then you can keep a key there, but I wouldn’t count on it. I know it is a pain to get locked out of your house, but it is better not to make your house an easy target. Just install deadbolts that you have to lock from the outside so that you don’t forget your keys.

  4. Andre Beluchi

    Dave, what a great idea that you provided about replacing all exterior locks with deadbolt locks. This idea is what I find smart to do during this summer. The reason is because my family and I are going to be gone for vacations. Our plan would be to probably talk to a locksmith about helping us with replacing our exterior locks with new deadbolt locks.

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